Common email marketing mistakes made by businesses

Common email marketing mistakes made by businesses

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One often searches for tips to improve and enhance email communication to prospective customers. Yet you can still make errors and continue to have these problems when executing an email marketing campaign. The reason? Overlooking the mistakes made during the campaign. It is important, however, to know the errors that are being made in order to rectify them.

Here are few common mistakes made by most business when marketing their products or services via email through the use of their B2B Email Marketing Data Lists and B2C Email Marketing Data Lists.

a) Sending marketing message to prospects who would not usually subscribe to their email service. Imagine you invite a group of friends home for dinner but along with them comes a friend that you do not like. This unwelcome guest will more than likely create a negative impression. Similarly, your mailing list must consist of prospects that are more likely to subscribed to your email services. Sometimes doing a blind, bulk-mailing marketing has the potential to build a negative reputation for your business if you’re not targeting the right individuals.

b) Sending an email broadcast without testing the mailing software that is to be used. There is software readily available for managing mass email marketing campaigns but it is necessary to test your email content to ensure images and text are loading correctly as well as checking for any spelling or grammatical error which can then be rectified.  Business must also perform email analytics, running alpha and beta tests to observe deliverability.

c) Often many businesses overlook the subject line and ‘from’ address! These play a vital role in any email marketing as they are the first two things any prospect sees, making them deciding factors in the choice to open or ignore your email. Check that the subject and the body of your content are relevant to each other and use an enticing subject line to lead prospects to open your email.

d) Having an emailing system in place and not checking the available statistics. Through your mailing software remembering to periodically check the click through rate, rate of unsubscribes, email deliverability etc is imperative for mapping the progress and success of an email marketing campaign. Small businesses often tend to ignore these things but maintaining a record and tracking your mail campaign is essential for assessing any changes that need to be made for the current or future campaigns.

Therefore, if you care and are passionate about growing your business and get the most from each lead then take any direct marketing efforts seriously. It is also worth investing time in understanding any errors made to then rectify them.

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