Want to grow your sales quickly?

Want to grow your sales quickly?

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When you think of the quickest way to grow your sales do you straight for a focus on gaining new customers?

If you did then you’re not alone, it’s what a lot of business owners would say.

What if I told you that the tools are right in front of you?

The answer is as simple as your existing clients.


Old Business?

The simple fact is that you’ve already won over your existing clients, the hard work is already done.

They’ve most likely been coming back to you for your product/services for a while already so you can be pretty certain that you’ve got their trust and that they both know and like you.

Having an existing relationship with your clients should never be overlooked as an additional sales opportunity. It’s the reason that they’ll be more receptive to approaches, especially if some of your other products/services an solve some additional problems or needs they may have.


Getting the most out of them

The easiest and most logical thought pattern is to get your existing clients to purchase products of yours that they haven’t already.

Find out what is is they have a need for and if you have a product to fulfil that need.

There’s an easy way to get all of this information into an easy to read format.

Start with an excel spreadsheet listing your products and your clients along separate axis and start marking the cells in between to ascertain who currently buys what.

Next start identifying which products would solve any given problems your clients may have.

With that you’ll have one of the most useful tools available to any business, a clear display clients who already like you and the additional products you could market to them.

You could argue that it’s become less of a sales tool and more of a customer service tool.

BUT always bear in mind that you should only extend offers for products that they actually have a need for otherwise you run the risk of damaging your relationship in addition to not getting any more sales from them.

The last step is for you to look at the method of contact that you’re going to use. By now you should have a pretty good idea of which clients respond best to either a postal approach or a quick call.


All of this will boost your sales quicker than you’d think.

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