Top 5 Tips For Successful Telemarketing

Top 5 Tips For Successful Telemarketing

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Telemarketing is all about patience and smart talk. You need to sound very convincing if you want positive results. In B2B marketing, receptionists or secretaries are the people who stand in the way of telemarketers. Don’t hate them as they are just doing their job and have nothing against you. You need to be really shrewd and get your call connected to the concerned person or the decision maker.

Get your telemarketing team to focus on the following points to get past your hurdles:

1. Understand when you are being scammed
At times you will come across receptionist or secretaries who try to be very amicable and apologetic. They might convince you that the concerned person is not available. You need to understand these fine lies and surpass them. Check out for statements likes:
• Concerned person is on another call.
• Concerned person has gone for a meeting.

2. Try being friendly
Everyone loves to talk to someone who is friendly. You can be charming and find out the first name of the gatekeeper. Address them with their name and develop a friendly rapport. If you succeed in doing so, half your work is done. You can go through books which help in building rapport and develop those skills.

3. Be confident
Confidence is the best policy to tackle with gatekeepers. If you sound confident on the telephone, its likely that your call will be considered important. You should not divulge complete information on the telephone. Provide only essential information related to you and ask for the concerned person. Give the impression of you being someone very important.

4. Avoid cold calling mistakes
There are certain cold calling mistakes that telemarketers do. This prevents them from reaching the decision maker. Following are some common mistakes:
1. Not being a good listener
2. Sounding bored
3. Easily giving up

5. Say the call is expected
All callers are asked if their call is expected. The best way you can get past this hurdle is by saying yes. How to get this done? Before calling the person, send him an email regarding the information and then you can say you have called up to discuss this further.

Things you should remember
Before you start your telemarketing efforts, always remember that:
1. The receptionist/ secretaries should be treated as a friend and not enemy.
2. Confidence wins, so make your call sound important.
3. Avoid making common cold calling mistakes.
4. Always send an email first before making the call.
5. Do not get frustrated.

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