Top 10 Email Marketing Trends In 2015

Top 10 Email Marketing Trends In 2015

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As a marketer you perhaps know the value of email marketing. From selling a subscription, an event or box of chocolates, it is found that a personal and well timed email has always shown positive results. Every year email marketing faces new challenges. In this article we have compiled some of the latest trends in email marketing that has greatly influenced the marketers today.

Following are the trends in email marketing that you should consider in 2015:

1. Simple Email design to work across devices
The move to responsive email design has encouraged simple email design that focuses on context and image. This is effective for people who check emails on smart phones and tablets.

2. Using video in email
Now it has become easier to embed video in emails with HTML5. Many marketers have taken this to their advantage and are composing emails accordingly.

3. More animation in email
Email marketers, usually working in retail have found that animated gifts is an advanced effective technique as more recipients are downloading images. By using animated gifts, you capture the reader’s attention and can provide a live and vibrant email that engages the audience.

4. Predictive Intelligence
This involves applying propensity models to identify the combination of content and offers to most likely generate response.

5. Dynamic Customization
Sophistication of our targeting has the biggest response to emails, even though we get excited about trends and styles. Email marketers have been using data for years to personalize their campaign based on interactions and data insertion.

6. Use social media to grow your email list
Social media has been actively involved in promotions and marketing. It gives a wider publicity to your products and services since it has a larger audience. Marketers display promotional coupons across twitter, facebook etc. The power of social media should be utilized properly.

7. Increase in pop-up boxes for list growth
This one is definitely trending as companies are seeing an increase in their email list by using pop up boxes.

8. The Opt-In Method
This method allows recipient to opt into a brand’s email program by sending a blank email to a particular email address. When this is done, it triggers an opt-in confirmation request email that asks the person to activate their subscription by clicking on a link in the email.

9. Real-time email marketing
Real time relevant content like products by using live images based on geography or profile is more beneficial. It is not more creative emails but more relevant emails.

10. Location-Specific email marketing
Location based demographics allow you to refer to events or stores which are most relevant to a specific segment of users.

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