Tips for enhancing your B2B email Marketing efforts

Tips for enhancing your B2B email Marketing efforts

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A B2B email marketing data list is often overloaded which makes its visibility even more difficult. Nevertheless, there are a few tried and tested B2B email-marketing tips that would give your mailing list a good CTR.

a) Keep building and refining your email database with relevant data that plays a vital role in success of an email marketing campaign. Note down even a small piece of information, as it may be useful in near future. Even basic mistakes like spelling and grammar should be checked as a clearly written communication has a bigger impact.

b) Refresh your Business data lists every three months. Delete any redundant data thus making space for new, fresh data. Remember the list provider’s name and details, as information from identifiable sources is reliable. In addition, using attractive opening and subject lines persuades your targeted prospect to click through the link in your email.

c) Your content must compel prospects to visit your website / sign up for your service / enquire once. Using sales promotion techniques are a good way to attract the targeted customers to engage with your product / service at least once.

d) Timing always matters. If you send an email broadcast at peak business hours 99% emails will most likely be ignored, such as sending a B2B email Monday morning, chances are, no one will even check. However if you send same email on a Tuesday around 10am or 1pm the chances of a prospect opening and clicking through an email are high.

e) Focus on the trends, rather than ignoring your competitor’s business emails, use them for your benefit. Map the loopholes, accommodate missing elements and draft newer, more effective business emails. Having a functional email tracking and monitoring system in place will help you know your real time progress and accordingly provide insight on your future business email marketing plans and strategies.

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