The Big Issue When Selling

The Big Issue When Selling

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It’s an issue that many of us will have encountered within our own businesses and when we’re a client.

That issue is pricing.


The issue becomes a problem when prospects are able to find products similar to yours and which will achieve the same result at a cheaper price. Naturally the choice anyone would make would be the cheaper option. There’s no argument for us having to spend more than we need to for any given product or service.

In an ideal world we’d all be charging what we think our product is worth and prospects would simply buy without question. People are intelligent beings and as such you need to make your products appeal to them.

You have to stand out from the rest of your competitors.


It sounds simple but in a world dominated by so many brands you have to be clear what it is that prospects will gain from you in addition to your product. There’s a whole host of routes you can take when it comes to selling your product.

You could offer high quality, free delivery, credit terms, a loyalty scheme, special offers, a guarantee and so on…

Just make sure it’s appropriate to your business and the more that you can stand out the more justified your pricing will be to prospects. At home or at work we all want value for money.

Deliver that to overcome the issue of pricing.

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