Consumer (B2C) Telemarketing Data Lists

High quality Consumer B2C Telemarketing Data Lists of approximately 28 million residences/households across the UK

The concept of cold calling consumers may seem daunting due to the commonly held perception, by consumers, that cold calling is bad and many may be irritated by being contacted. With approximately 28 million residences/households across the UK you are sure to be met with success. Rejections, however, need not be viewed negatively as you are able to organise leads into categories eg yes/no/maybe groupings. This in effect provides you with a breakdown of the priority in which leads can be followed up or processed if this has not already been done.

Consumer telephone data is always a home phone number so timing any telemarketing calls plays a part dependent on who the intended target(s) are. The benefits however are that some prefer to talk to a human being and be able to discuss what it is that’s being offered to them.

Some popular example Consumer (B2C) Telemarketing Data Lists we can provide are:

  • Insurance renewals
  • UK Pet Owners
  • UK Electoral Roll

An example of a consumer telemarketing count can be found below:

Age Postcode Total
Age 45-74 AB 7311
Age 45-74 AL 1808
Age 45-74 B 16457
Age 45-74 BA 5381
Age 45-74 BB 5925
Age 45-74 BD 5583
Age 45-74 BH 5617
Age 45-74 BL 4436
Age 45-74 BN 7420
Age 45-74 BR 2617
Age 45-74 BS 9681
Age 45-74 BT 28486
Age 45-74 CA 5923
Age 45-74 CB 4162
Age 45-74 CF 13780
Age 45-74 CH 9592
Age 45-74 CM 7414
Age 45-74 CO 5346
Age 45-74 CR 2756
Age 45-74 CT 5113
Age 45-74 CV 8345
Age 45-74 CW 4032
Age 45-74 DA 3708
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