Business (B2B) Telemarketing Data Lists

A long standing and still hugely successful marketing technique which has helped countless businesses across the world form relationships with each other, having the ability to talk to another human being and discuss in real time what is being marketed.

In B2B relations it often goes a long way to make a first point of contact through a phone call in order to quickly establish if a lead is (un)willing and avoids the hassle of any generic/company based information. A phone call need not be a long winded discussion but can be enough of a stepping stone to nurturing/forming a relationship with other businesses. Looking at the flip side of the coin a quick phone conversation resulting in rejection can be swiftly dealt with and is often swifter than an email.

Business telephone numbers are only ever going to be reception level numbers thus the chances of encountering a ‘gatekeeper’ are very high and should be taken into account for any telemarketing campaign.

An example layout for a Business (B2B) Telemarketing Data Lists count is below

T/O Band Both Beauty Consultants Beauty Salons Cosmetics & Beauty Products Retailer Total
A: £1 to £9.9k 2 2
B: £10k to £24.9k 413 1434 1847
C: £25k to £49.9k 95 1597 1692
D: £50k to £74.9k 64 1441 1505
E: £75k to £99.9k 46 917 26 989
F: £100k to £249.9k 80 1259 45 1384
G: £250k to £499.9k 14 232 106 352
H: £500k to £749.9k 6 26 26 58
I: £750k to £999.9k 1 9 9 19
J: £1m to £2.49m 1 8 22 31
K: £2.5m to £4.9m 2 13 15
L: £5m to £7.49m 8 8
M: £7.5m to £9.9m 1 1
N: £10m to £24.9m 7 7
O: £25m to £49.9m 2 2
P: £50m to £74.9m 1 1 2
X: Unknown 20 94 15 129
Total: 740 7023 280 8043
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Telemarketing Data Lists

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