Successful Telemarketing

Successful Telemarketing

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Success is great and uplifting, failure is poor and demoralising especially when failure is repeated. This is a major truth when it comes to telemarketing. A big telemarketing data list has been handed over to a marketing department, handed to a salesperson to carry out the cold calls needed to generate new leads. If they are successful then everything is wonderful and plenty of new clients are brought onboard, however if they fail they’re deemed ineffective and a god opportunity is wasted. There’s some advice below that, if followed correctly, will help you achieve success with any telemarketing campaign.

1. No matter the size or order of a database you should always sort it by the following –
a) Clustering given data geographically – County, Town, Postal Codes.
b) Separating Telemarketing data – B2c Consumer data lists or B2b Business data lists.
c) Categorizing your data list into job title, job role, buying products, buying services and so on into narrow profiles.
Even those who gather data from scratch should ensure they have a data list that is relevant and organised.

2. Sourcing quality, telemarketing data list from professional data companies will help you target the right prospects. Ensure any list(s) are screened through the Telephone Preference Service as there will always be those who have opted out of receiving marketing calls and any calls to those numbers which are TPS registered carries a penalty and will damage a reputation. However, non-government organisations (NGOs) are allowed to contact those registered on the TPS.

3. A strong recommendation would be to combine email and telemarketing. 2 days prior making a call, send an email to the prospect giving them an idea of the business, its product and service. This will keep them informed and will serve to facilitate the conversation when the call is made.

4. When making calls, be confident and clear. Any fumbling or narrating scripts will generate a negative feeling in the prospect. Even the where a caller is sat when making calls can affect the caller so choose an environment where the chances of being disturbed are low as well having a pen, paper and information handy.

5. Keep a record of each call made, prospect response and any action performed. This will make following up easier as the progress made with each prospect will be easily accessible. The best advice would be to use an excel spreadsheet as it makes the task quick right from the point of gathering and sorting to updating and maintaining the list list.

Follow these steps to make the most of any telemarketing campaigns.

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