Simple email marketing steps to gain lifelong customers

Simple email marketing steps to gain lifelong customers

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All business love having repeat customers for life as these are three times more profitable than first time customers. Research says, if a customer makes a single purchase the chance of re-visiting becomes 27% and on a second purchase, the probability for third sale is increased to nearly 54%.

For this, it is important to have a good repeat custom rate within your database. Here are few effective email-marketing tips for businesses that use in-house mailing lists to foster their customers.

With the right B2B Email Marketing Data Lists and B2C Email Marketing Data Lists segmentation based on customer activity on site, you should tap into your existing customers by sending newsletters. A newsletter allows you to communicate with customers and offer them new / repeat services, generate leads and develop a position for you in the market.

1. Captivate your customers focus, when your customers subscribe to your email services for the first time you have their complete attention. Make use of this opportunity by directing them to subscribe to additional touch points (your multiple marketing and promotion channels) like Facebook, Twitter and any blogs. Consider offering discounts for new customers on a first purchase, otherwise giving discounts to each sale will make your business suffer.

2. Tracking and recording your customers’ choices and preferences is a great way to build an everlasting bond with them. The next time  customers visit you they should be offered what they love as this makes them happy. Tracking customer behaviour also allows you to have a precise targeted email approach thus adding to your conversion rate.

3.  Hold contests; offers held on social platforms drive your customers on social media as well keep your brand image fresh in their mind. It is also worth including Pinterest and Facebook in email promotions.

4. Everyone is quite familiar with rewards and customer loyalty programs therefore you should build a unique program for your business by having a blend of promotional offers, loyalty appreciation and referral programs. This will increase the chances of your business having long-term, loyal customers and enjoy repeat purchases.

Always be open and don’t hesitate in following and encouraging your customers these would add to your business efforts both actively and passively.

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