Your Marketing Message

Your Marketing Message

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In our last update we looked at ways to make the 3 M’s of marketing work for you. Let’s follow on from that and take it a step further and look at your message more carefully.


There are only 2 pieces that will make up any marketing message and they are simply you explicit and your implicit messages.

An explicit message is the words on the page in front of your readers.

An implicit message is what your readers make of you and your business through your marketing message and other communications.

As ever both of these elements have to be as targeted as possible towards your readers to achieve the greatest results. The question that your message has to answer from a reader’s perspective is “why should I choose you?”


So Why do People Buy?

Anyone who’s trying to sell anything has to understand the thinking behind why people buy things in order to have any hope of making a sale.

People only ever buy to solve a problem that they have. At any given moment you’ll be battling it out with plenty of other businesses to win over clients and in order to win that battle you have to stand out from your competitors.

The trick is what makes you different from your competitors, commonly known as your USP (unique selling point) Now you need to find a way to use your USP to your advantage and make you stand out.

A useful tool is to consider what people dislike about your industry, such as “estate agents will say anything to sell a house” if you’re an estate agent. Once you’ve identified these pet hates you can go through your copy and make sure you’re not doing any of it.

People need to trust you before they make a purchase and your message has to create that trust in your clients and prospects.


Creating trust

The fastest way to gain someone’s trust is by offering them a guarantee that if your products doesn’t do what it says on the tin (so to speak) then they will be able to get their money back.

This works by removing the risk of the purchase from the buyer and places it squarely on your shoulders. In most industries the number of clients that actually claim based on a guarantee is surprisingly low.


Get your message working for you and you’ll generate more sales from each marketing campaign you run.

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