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Some may think that postal mail is an outdated means for receiving information yet it continues to be an incredibly useful tool for any direct marketing. This is still one of the most effective means of directly marketing your products/services to those who may be interested, with postal records giving you a direct way to physically send something to potential leads. It can sometimes be easier to send out a mailshot, particularly if you find yourself with limited time and/or resources for marketing campaigns.

A mailshot allows a large spread to be delivered with a call to action leaving each lead free of any pressure to buy.  Sending something via post which is addressed directly to an individual means that they may well open that piece of marketing and make a decision or respond to the call to action you have placed within. Post can feel a lot more personal and is a means of reaching those less technologically inclined of a marketable universe.

Everyone knows that post will only ever be delivered during the week and during daylight hours removing any concern or hesitation from leads that they will be contacted during unsociable/awkward hours.

All postal records available will be those which have been screened by the MPS (mail preference service) to supply the best data of potential leads open to sales/marketing campaigns.

For businesses this data is maintained through constant phone calls made to each business to verify the data each wishes to disclose and if they are willing to receive sales/marketing campaigns.

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