Knowing What Your Customers Really Want

Knowing What Your Customers Really Want

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Everyone is in business to fulfil their customers’ needs and that’s what a lot of definitions of marketing boil down to. To apply this to an everyday situation we go to a supermarket because we need to not because we want to.


So let’s focus on a key point of understanding your customers a bit better, finding out what they really want.

Think about it. What do your customers really want?


The majority of us when we take our cars to the garage for a service, for example, aren’t actually interested in getting our cars serviced. What we really want is to be safe in the knowledge that our cars aren’t going to break down when we’re out and about and that they’re roadworthy.


You’re unlikely to see an advert for security and peace of mind from a garage but it’s at the heart of why we go there.


Your customers will be focussing solely on what’s in it for them.

  • Is your product going to make them more money?
  • Will it save them time?
  • Will they be more successful by using it?

… so on and so forth.

They’re motivated more by knowing the benefits you’re able to deliver whilst solving their problem(s).

If you’re struggling with your marketing then perhaps you’re not taking this into account or you might not be telling them that you’re able to.


What you want and what you need

When it comes to making a decision on any purchase people will always buy what they want rather than what they need and emotions play a significant role in a person’s decision.


It’s the key behind any designer label.


The way in which they market their products makes you want to buy that £500 handbag, for example. No one ever needs to spend that much but they’ve convinced you that you want to. We’ll happily see something we want and sometimes go to extreme lengths to justify that as a need.


That’s what your marketing needs to do, all you need is to:

  • Highlight what the benefits will be for your customers.
  • Show that you can solve their problems and that you understand.
  • Find out what they want and be sure they’re aware that you’re selling it.


If you find the time then consider asking your customers what they really want, take a look at your own marketing material and find out if you’re showing them that you’ve got the goods.

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