Improve Your Email Marketing Results With Feng Shui

Improve Your Email Marketing Results With Feng Shui

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Email is the pocket version of any company. It says a lot about your brand. Therefore you have to be certain that you are consistent, appealing with your brand aspirations. The same follows with the email marketing. You need to put the same efforts and emotions in your emails as you do when a client walks your office or shop. To make your emails resulting for you, you might be investing in email marketing lists and creating emails appealing and informative for the readers.Additionally, you can involve the concept of feng shui for your emails. Feng shui is traditionally related to the placement of articles for creating good energy and harmony in the ambiance. You can harmonise your emails with the same concept.

To get max out of your promotional or business emails, make sure you are using the right colors and creative direction that will tempt the accurate emotions from your clientele. Some of the ideas for enhancing your email marketing with feng shui are as follows –

In email marketing terms, this can interpret into the readability of the content in your email. Is the text in the email too small? Are the colors in your mail are harsh on the eyes? Is the font style too hard to read?
By keeping your email design simple and readable with the use of contrasting colors and white space, your readers will be grateful. This will also help in making your readers easily, speedily scan the essence of the mail, and get engaged conveniently.

Encumber is the opponent of superior feng shui so keep your content nominal. If it is required to send lengthy content, make it short with read more links to save time of your clients and show that you care for their interest.
Be choosy about the content to include in the emails. Make your emails clutter-free and only include the engaging and relevant things for your clients.

Harmony is the key concept of feng shui. You need to harmonize your email design in addition to harmony in its running. Try to lighten the load and make it to flow more efficiently by means of web forms notifications and auto-responders. This will let you in automating the processes that will reduce the stress of doing the things manually.

Sprinkle a personal touch
Every customer desires fast and satisfying services. Personalise the customer experience, give them fast services with a personal touch. You can do so with the use of friendly, but courteous content in your emails.

Let it go
Keep regular checks on your email reporting. Record whether the links are been clicked or not. Avoid resending the links that your readers are not clicking and try to use some different ways to convince them to open the links and ask for their tips, feedbacks, guidelines and related things to know their opinion about your emails. This will help you in improving your email marketing strategies and attaining more benefits.

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