Getting Success out of Email Marketing

Getting Success out of Email Marketing

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It’s one of the biggest channels in today’s world and it’s used by so many that we get bombarded daily.

That’s because it’s instant, cheap and specifically targeted. With such widespread use you need to make you’re marketing stand out from the masses that are delivered each day.

Read on and you’ll discover some useful tips to avoid being just another marketing email.

Subject lines

We all receive a pile of emails every day and the majority of them look the same/similar. Your customers are exactly the same so your piece has to stand out from that pile.
Use a catchy and interesting subject line to get your customers to notice your mailing piece. It’s the first chance you get at creating interest so it has to pique their interest.

The Bigger Picture

Remember that your email is meant to engender trust in your customers and create awareness of your products. Try to keep this in mind at all times to make sure your content does exactly that.

Customers Vs Prospects

The two types of potential sales that need to be approached in different ways. You want to let prospects know who you are and what you do, trying to win over their trust so they buy your products.
Customers are already buying your products so you’ll want to inform them about new products that will benefit them. You should also assure them that they’ve made the right choice in coming to you in the first place.

Target your Prospects

Your content should only contain offers and products that are relevant to your prospects. If you don’t it shows a lack of understanding of what your prospects do. You should have an idea of the particular needs your products can fulfil when targeting your prospects. Use a theme for each prospect demographic or profile that you’re targeting.

A Hard Sell is No Sell

Taking a hard selling approach to your content will never end well. You need to show your prospects that you know what they need and the benefits your products will give them will fulfil those needs. Clicks to your landing page are the key to gaining more sales from an email campaign.

The Name Game

Don’t over use the name of a customer or prospect more than twice in an email. Anything more than that will make them uncomfortable.

Personalise it

Whilst having a rubber stamped email ready to copy and send out doesn’t work out particularly well in the long term. You content should read like a conversation, too much formality gets boring and readers will lose interest. So write as if you’re speaking to each individual through your email.

Hook ’em!

Getting a reader hooked is one thing but the trick is to keep them on the line till you reel them in. It’s a continuous process throughout any email piece. It starts with your subject line and every paragraph subsequent to that has to draw a reader further down the page.
Don’t rely on a reader getting to the end of your piece before giving them your best offer. Get it in early as an instant ‘wow’ to grab their attention.

It’s All About The Reader

Don’t waffle on about yourself at all. Your prospects and customers are only interested in what you can do to solve their problems and issues. It might seem cold but it’s business.

Take these points into account in your next email marketing piece and you’re sure to boost your sales.

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