Are your email users weak?

Are your email users weak?

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Once an email campaign has been completed you would be surprised to how find how often business don’t learn why their campaign hadn’t performed as expected despite appealing to the wants/needs of their prospective clients. It’s commonly down to not knowing the level of understanding prospects on their Mailing lists have with regard to opening, reading, and responding to emails.

You may design and execute email-marketing campaigns knowing what your target and wants, but what is essential to know these ‘weaker’ prospects may be unable to access your emails due to reasons such as ill health, injury, age or due to a disability. Note the disability here is in term of hindrance in reading your email due to limited sight so the user would like big fonts / unable to understand the language of your email as he / she doesn’t speak it or doesn’t understand the technical terms of your industry / profession.

Reaching out to ‘weaker’ prospects

Large businesses often have certain systems / processes in place but if you are a medium sized business catering these ‘weaker’ prospects then you must have a method of communication in place to reach them.

It is easy to overlook these leads but a true marketer would try to work on each and every possible lead and opportunity. Be it B2C or B2B data lists, having a bespoke marketing message for ‘weaker’ prospects makes a difference.

Small things such as your email fonts, colours, sizes of text and language used for communicating plays vital role. When broadcasting your emails it would be advisable to ask your prospects a questioning the vein of “Did you encounter any difficulties in reading or understanding the content of the email?”

This will help you in making your message clearer instead of reaching an inbox, being misread or misunderstood and finally deleted or ignored. For those who are hesitant to take such a direct approach would be advised to set up a preference centre where you ask your clients/prospects:

a) Is the font size easy to read or does this need to be made larger?

b) Does the colour scheme make it difficult to read?

c) Would they prefer a follow up call to any emails sent?

Addressing and speaking to ‘weaker’ users is relatively new to the email marketing business and it will be interesting to notice how innovative some businesses and organisations are in capturing these leads.  We hope the above mentioned tips and new perspectives assist in adding value to your email marketing and improving the success rates of your campaign(s).

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