Email Marketing Metrics You Should Consider For Improved Results

Email Marketing Metrics You Should Consider For Improved Results

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Email marketing metrics are important as well as are confusing for some people. After investing your hard-earned money in hiring a professional marketing team, infrastructure, resources and buying a targeted email marketing list from experts, what is stopping you from reaching to the top? You need to evaluate some email marketing metrics to know where to work more and get the max out of your email marketing.

Metrics is also a complex word, but in simple words, it is just measurement. You should invest time in metrics as these gives you an elongated way to know whether your emails are getting worse or better and gives you an opportunity to improve your methods for better results. Here, are some email-marketing refresher that can aid you both understanding the fundamentals and offer some advanced tactics as well.

Open rate –
Open rate is referred to the number of individuals opened your mail. This is not so difficult, but due to some email clients like Yahoo, your iPhone automatically open emails, thus distorting the approach. Other does not open the image automatically, thus making the mail as unopened even it is opened by the receiver.

The best way to calculate open rate is compared to your current rate with the last year survey. Mark the mail getting more response as it denotes the interest of your audience. 20-to-30 percent or more open rate is considered as good. You can pat your back if having 40-50 % of open rate.

Click through rates –
Click through rates are simple. It means someone clicks one of the links in your email message you have a click. It is measured in hundred clicks and if you have 20 out of 100 clicks, you passed the test as you have 20% clicks through rate. 10% click through rate is enough to pass the fence. You can improve it by enhancing the links you want to get clicked and making your mail mobile-friendly.

Unsubscribe rate –
This should be 0.2 %. It is calculated as how many individuals out of 100 unsubscribed from the email message sent by you. If it increases and goes to 0.5 then it clearly indicates that your readers don’t liked your emails.

Hard and soft bounce rate –
Hard bounce rate happens when you are sending emails to an invalid email address or the address that no longer exists. You should delete such address from your email marketing lists to reduce the hard bounce as it can hurt you at an extended level.

Soft bounce rate happens when you are sending emails in a mail have no space. As soon as the person deletes some mail, your mail would be delivered. This does not hurt your campaign, but you should filter the list for better results.

Along with these, delivery rate, pay per email, complaint and abuse rate, churn rate, forward rate all such metrics are also important to be considered for improving email marketing results.

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