Consumer (B2C) Email Marketing Data Lists

Consumer (B2C) Email Marketing Data Lists are an excellent way of getting the message directly to individuals, especially those who keep touch through mobile devices or frequently use computers for activities such as online shopping. In today’s consumer society the speed at which things can be done and the monetary value of commodities is crucial thus emails can be made more appealing to a great number of consumers who are actively searching or are open to the next deal. There is a wealth of potential in consumer email lists, especially as the approximate number of regular internet users at over 15 million.

An email can be delivered instantly and is often read within a very short period of being received. The key to email marketing is ensuring your campaign will appeal to the habits/needs of the consumers being targeted and counts can always be refined (within a certain degree of granularity) to target those who are going to be more receptive to what is on offer.

Some popular example Consumer Email Marketing Data Lists we can provide are:

  • Online shoppers
  • UK Pet Owners
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