Effective steps to help you in Lead generation via telemarketing

Effective steps to help you in Lead generation via telemarketing

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B2C or B2B Telemarketing data lists are the most effective tool for lead generation and promotions when used in the right way. Nevertheless, many businesses fail to see the full benefits of this tool due to poor execution, lack of ideas and ineffective prospecting upon calling. Mentioned below are seven dos that you must follow when building a telemarketing strategy for quality lead generation.

1. Product is a core of business. Knowing your product inside and out is extremely important. Your callers should know key selling points of your product / service. Give precise, point by point information. If your prospect asks too many questions then slow down and note them for addressing later. If they are drawn into your products then use that opportunity to the fullest.

2. Keep calls short and sweet, reflect through your call, that the time invested is precious. Greet your prospect, give an introduction, stick to your points, be flexible, and focus on generating interest.

3. Have a professional script ready to be implemented using techniques and strategies proven by telemarketing experts as they know how to tackle calls and the effective ways to persuade a prospect to buy. In addition, monitoring the calls made in by telemarketers helps you in mentoring and enhancing their calling skills.

4. When working on a telemarketing data list be prepared to come across all kind of clientele. Some may be rude, a few will answer while others just hang up but remember to be patient, calm and note down any details where possible for future reference.

5. Motivation plays a key role; do not berate your telemarketer(s) for a failure. Understand that the job is difficult and there is an immense need to encourage them every now and then. Promote talent in house to take up telemarketing call training and brush up employee skills.

6. Take care you appoint telemarketers with effective communication skills, a strong command over English, pleasant voice and who are self-motivated individuals.

7. Make a plan for follow-ups, you must contact clients at regular intervals to remind them about your existence.

Follow these steps and you’ll reap the rewards from your telemarketing campaigns.

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