Don’ts of Telemarketing

Don’ts of Telemarketing

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Businesses are always looking to enhance their sales and maximise profits. The employees to fulfil the demands of the job and train themselves to achieve the desired targets. Sadly, only a handful of them are an overwhelming success yet businesses expect the same outstanding performance from all their employees. Have you ever wondered, if all employees start with the same level of experience, get given the same training for the job, why only a few will prosper? Well, these achievers will always analyse their mistakes and then make an approach to rectify  them and enhance their knowledge. Especially in telemarketing where one should be constantly brushing up to improve after each call made to prospects from their Telemarketing data.

Be it a telemarketer calling from a B2B or B2C Telemarketing data lists, here are few don’ts of telemarketing-

1)  Being apologetic towards a prospect when you’re both are aware that you’re not truly sorry.

2) Being scared by objections made by the prospect and avoiding closing the sale.

3) Answering prospects queries in a rude manner.

4) Chewing gum while talking.

5) Keeping a prospect on hold for a long period of time.

6) Misinforming a prospect because you don’t have the knowledge or information required / available to answer any questions.

7) Deliberately calling prospects who have asked not to be contacted.

8) Loud background noises such as ringing mobile phones, gossiping, chatting etc.

9) Quoting false guarantees or warranties for your service / product.

10) Going off track and messing with client.

11) Using too much jargon, slang words on call, it can confuse prospects.

12) Speaking too fast and ending the call without being clear that the prospect understands what’s been said.

13) End a call by slamming the phone down, it’s just rude.

14) Making fun of or bullying the prospect, giggles will most likely be heard during the call.

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