Difference between telemarketing and telesales

Difference between telemarketing and telesales

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Have you stuck between the terms telemarketing and telesales, not to worry you are not alone. Many people are confused by the terms and this post can help you getting a clear idea about the terms.

Telemarketing and telesales both are the terms used in marketing associated with contacting people through the telephone. Telemarketing is the newest term by evaluation and has often been used as an overarching word that also incorporates Telesales as one of its constituent essentials.

In the present market, individuals are using telemarketing term for all efforts and marketing techniques using the telephone to connect with the potential customers. However, both differ from one another.

Telesales includes direct sales to the customers of your services and products by telephone.

Telemarketing involves several activities counting making potential customers aware of different services and products, creating leads, delivering information to customers, clearing queries, performing market research, selling services and products to new or old consumers. Hence, it can be said that telemarketing includes telesales and other aspects of marketing. Using telemarketing and telesales together can help you improving your business profits and sales.

Through telemarketing, you can generate prospects, get the opportunity to craft understanding between the consumer and businessmen as it a planned and organized way of attracting targeted audience fruitfully. With telesales, you can convert this leads to success. A competently skilled telesales team amplifies your conversion charges while declining your costs per sale.

Telemarketing helps you to generate more accurate and result-oriented database or telemarketing data lists for your telesales. Telesales helps you saving the cost of traveling as you can deal with customers over the telephone.

As per your business needs and interest of your audience, you can make specific telemarketing strategies and turn those leads into customers for increasing your revenues and business profits.

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