How Can I Make the 3 M’s of Marketing Work For Me?

How Can I Make the 3 M’s of Marketing Work For Me?

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Most of you will already know that there are 3 major parts to each and every marketing campaign  – Your market, your message and your medium. Collectively known as the 3 M’s of marketing the concept is simple but are you making them work for your campaigns?


Looking at the anatomy of traditional marketing methods we can see the steps have always been:

Bring a prospect into your business, you try and sell them a product straight away and the prospect then gives you the sale or walks away.

The window of opportunity is perpetually narrow and you only ever have once chance at making that sale.

It’s a method that still works today but the major drawback is that those prospects who have walked away are lost indefinitely.


Consider a change of strategy

If you’re looking to change your approach to marketing then why not change the priority of any interaction with a prospect. Make the object of an initial contact be to inform and educate the prospect about your business and your products and sell to them over time. It instils a degree of empowerment in prospects that they can make a purchase when they are confident and ready.

This method can be summed up like this:

You get an ad out to your audience offering information on something that’s of interest to them.

They contact you to take you up on that offer and exchange contact details, clearly showing their interest.

You then give them said information and the beginnings of a relationship form.

You then nurture that relationship and help it grow by sending them more offers of information, marketing to them regularly and selling to them over time.

This will prolong the overall period which prospects are exposed to your business and gives you the opportunity to display your knowledge and build a relationship.

The long term affect of this is to win over the confidence of your prospects through continuous marketing and contact, establishing a trust and confidence that you are the person to solve their problems.

Naturally the amount of marketing you’re going to have to do will increase but they long term pay-off is significantly better, converting more prospects and subsequently increasing sales.


Spend some time generating a list of prospects who are interested in your products and give them the chance to buy when they’re ready. The difference in your conversion rates will only improve.

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