7 Powerful Tips To Engage Non-Openers In Email Marketing

7 Powerful Tips To Engage Non-Openers In Email Marketing

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“Never give up. Keep trying, until you succeed” it is a thought pierced in our mind from childhood.

But, is the same goes with email marketing as well?

If you send an email with any content relevant to your business, service, product, etc. and it does not carry out as you thought, is it right to resent to the individuals who haven’t opened it?

Every coin has two sides; in the same way, it is a good opportunity for the people who have missed it as they were busy and now can open and can give you more clicks, conversations, and leads. But, on the other side, the people who have deliberately avoided your mail may get annoyed with the replica of emails that can hurt your marketing strategies and brand image.

Here, are some tips to improve your email marketing and engaging the non-openers in an efficient manner –

Identify the non-openers:

Email marketing is an outstanding and effective approach to generate leads and brand image that gives you business. But, the definition for non-openers differs from business to business. So, find out the interested people and send a professional and attractive mail to them on proper timing to make them understand your business and the profits they would get if they deal with you.

Send only the important email campaigns:

Sending again and again emails in bulk can annoy your customers and potential customers. So, try to send only the most important email campaigns and bound your resending to just those ones.

Change the subject lines and make it catchy one:

If your email is not opened for the first time, change the subject line as subject lines play a vital role in engaging your customer to open and read the mail. Along with the subject line, make the content look simple, easy to understand and relating to the reader.
Use emotional lines like ‘we miss you’ can be a great way to start.

Alter your sending time:

Sending emails at the wrong time can also be a reason making your emails unread. Change the time of sending the emails especially when you are resending an email. Send the mail when your potential client is free to pay attention of your emails.

Calculate the results of resent emails including good and bad:

The ultimate aim to resend the emails is to get more clicks and open. But, in the process you might lose some readers as they would unsubscribe you with the resent mails. So, be ready to face all the things in a fruitful way and measure the cost, as you are working to increase your business not to hurt its brand image.

Offer some enticements:

Include free shipping, discount code, gifts on first purchase, or other attractive intensives in your mail to encourage the audience. With their order if they purchase something within the next 24-48 hours. Make them understand what they are going to earn while reading the email and dealing with you.

Warm them up:

Make the readers know that if they don’t show interest in next 24-48 hours to your mail, you will remove them from your email marketing lists and would miss the several discounts and opportunities in future. It may harm you to decrease your numbers, but it is preeminent to get rid of any dead weight. Your emails will relent superior click-through rates, coerce more conversions and their deliverability will get better.

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