6 Tips How To Get Your Email Opened

6 Tips How To Get Your Email Opened

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Email is one of the best methods of direct marketing. Daily organizations worldwide send and receive numerous e-mails. They can be promotional emails, new inventory emails, newsletters, or welcome emails. A successful email campaign has high open rate which ultimately results into higher conversion rate. The first step for a successful email campaign is to get the email opened by your target audience instead of directly going in his trash box. So how exactly will you determine if your email gets opened.

We all are suffering from information over load. Daily hundreds of emails enter our inbox. Your email needs to stand out to grab the attention of the reader. Here are some tips that will make your email marketing campaign stand out:

1. Use Captivating Subject Line
To get the optimum opening rates the subject line should be about 130 characters. At the same time it should be captivating so that the users click on it. Tempting the user is fine but do not over exaggerate it. Remember you need the business that is why you are sending the email and not to change the lifestyle of the user. So keep it simple yet alluring.

2. Money Talks
When you use monetary terms in your email there are higher chances of it getting clicked. Words like ‘turnover’, ‘profit’ etc can get you good results.

3. DON’T YELL!!!
Never ever use capital letters or exclamation marks in your subject line or the email body. It sends signs of desperation and chances are it will be delivered straight to the spam box.

4. Personalize Your Mail
Always personalize the email by treating your subscriber as your friend. You can do this by using email software that enables to personalise an individual or a company. It is found that personalised emails have higher open rate.

5. Get on the Right Foot
It is found that a lot of companies send out emails as part of their welcome programme or as a response to a site visit or signup. The moment when your subscribers trust you with their email address is the time when they are most engaged with you and will definitely open your emails.

6. Send at the Right Time
When you send an email campaign keep a track of its open rate. Select different days and compare the result. This is a simple way to determine at what time your campaign will gain success. Studies show that maximum amount of open rate take place during working hours. First half of the day is an ideal time and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday have shown positive results.

Keeping all this in mind, frame a distinctive email marketing campaign and there won’t be any hindrance in its success. All you need is some patience, creativity and dedication.

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