6 Mistakes That Drag Back Your Email Marketing

6 Mistakes That Drag Back Your Email Marketing

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Invested huge sum in buying well-targeted email marketing lists from experts or spent a lot of time in making a list of your own, but not getting the expected results, what to do now? You might be confused about what is the reason behind the failure? Here, is the answer for your entire queries. Many people make some common mistakes in their email marketing that hurts the desired results.

It is very effective to buy Email data and marketing lists to attract more and more targeted audience. But, some key mistakes can drag you back. So, you are required to avoid these mistakes to reach to the heights of success. Some of the common mistakes are –

Lacking interesting content or boring design:
Your design or content is not so appealing to the receiver. This makes them delete the mail without opening it even you has bespoke marketing lists. So, try to make your content precise, engaging and mesmerizing.

Over communication – too much is bad similarly as too less:
Keep command on the frequency of communication as the interest depends on the type of audience. People like to receive frequent updates from their favorite cosmetic or clothing store. But, professionals do not like to receive irrelevant brochure emails for stationary as they require them occasionally.

Timing is everything:
You might be surprise about how communication with audience at specific time can save your list. If mails are sent at right time, it is more expected to receive positive response. You can use these widely-accepted ideas about the best days and times that both B2B and B2C campaigns are ideal to send –

• Avoid on Mondays as people are busy with the work and your mail can annoy them.
• Choose Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday at 11:00-15:00 of time span.
• Weekends are a bad idea because people are not in mood to work on leave and are more likely to be with family or friends.
• Give a reminder call or mail for any event two or three days before the day is a good approach.

Don’t get personal in excess –
Excessive friendly mail can put you in trouble. You can fool the recipients by starting the mail with ‘hi Tom’. Mail smartly.

Subject line or title is not carefully considered –
Your subject line or title has to be eye-catching to grab attention of the receiver. Spend some time and carefully write the subject line to convey your message in a striking approach.

Don’t assume that people know you and what you do –
Even though you have communicated with the same list recently, don’t make a mistake of assuming that they remember you. Be clear and specific in your every mail for better results and response.

So, follow these things and safeguard your useful email marketing lists fruitfully.

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