5 Tips To Create A Killer Subject Line While Email Marketing

5 Tips To Create A Killer Subject Line While Email Marketing

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Subject line should always be killer as you get only one chance to make the first impression. This applies especially when you are doing email marketing. People get hundreds of emails in a day and they tend to delete most of them. If you want your email to be read by your audience, you need to grab their attention and tempt them to open it. This is where the subject line comes in. This is your only opportunity to make an impression. Your subject line should be such that it stops readers in their tracks.

Following are some tips to create a killer subject line:

1. Manage the expectations of reader
You must always know what your readers’ expect and try to fulfil it. Unrealistic expectations can lead to disappointment. At the same time if you fulfil their expectations, you can get higher open rates and more sales. Do not make unnecessary promises in the subject. Write only what is valid and feasible.
If you want to get that perfect subject line you need to understand what user wants to read. Lot of emails go in spam folder. If you want to stay away from it, you need to have a subject line that follows the etiquettes of email marketing. The best subject lines helps in selling what’s inside.

2. Avoid these 3 words
As per a survey of email campaign, it is found that there are certain words that you should avoid using in the subject line. These words are:
1. Reminder
2. Percent Off
3. Help

Avoid using the word FREE in subject line. This is because there are chances that your email might land up in spam box. Even if there is no spam content in your email body, certain words are enough to spam that email. Even if your email is not sent to spam box, there are chances that the user himself won’t open it out of fear. Also do not use capital words and too many exclamation marks.

3. Personalise the email
Research has proved that the emails that are personalised to the users see a higher number of open rates as compared to the ones that are generic. Everyone likes to read a mail that is addressed to them rather than something that is sent to all. So make sure you properly address your prospective customer in order to gain his attention.

4. Length of the subject line
The standard rule is to keep the subject line up to 50 characters or less. These days most of the people use mobile device to read emails. In most of the mobile phones if the subject line exceeds 50 characters then it might cut off. To avoid being in trouble it is always safe to keep a short and sweet subject line that conveys the gist of the email.

5. Use actionable subject line
The reader should know what he needs to do with the email that he has received. Do not confuse your subscriber. In order to sell your products your subject line should be such that it drives users to open it and take action accordingly.

Another way to make the subject actionable is by using words like, ‘urgent’ or ‘important’. This gives more results as compared to normal subject line. Say for instance if there is a sale going on then you can mentions something like ‘ABC sale ends within a week. Hurry’.

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