5 Smart Email Marketing Innovations For 2015

5 Smart Email Marketing Innovations For 2015

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Email marketing is evolving at a faster rate. It is no more a dull concept and innovations in this field have made it a bankable source of marketing. If used properly, it will give you positive results. Support it with good and relevant content and you are good to go. For the year 2015 we have come up with smart innovative ways for email marketing. Read on to know more.

1. Dynamic Content and Email Personalization
Every email that you send should have a dynamic content. For instance use zip code information, weather reports, sports updates etc. You can also showcase products that a subscriber might like based on his buying behaviour.

When it comes to personalization, it goes beyond simply adding the first name in subject line. The real personalization happens in dynamic content. Personalization and dynamic content are the two sides of the same coin. Dynamic content is generally broken down as:

a- Information that the subscribers have given to the marketer
b- Information the marketers can get about the subscribers
c- Information related to opening of the email and on what device it is opened

2. Triggered Emails
Triggered emails are the automated emails that are sent by the company to its customers. A simple triggered email can be sent as a welcome email or acknowledgement email. By setting up triggered email workflow, it becomes possible to pass a subscriber from one email list to another based on the links clicked on email. You can segregate your subscribers based on how they respond to your emails. This type of segmentation is called microsegment targeting. It is lot more sophisticated than sending email messages to people who have not responded in a while. You can send a customized message to people who click on the links that you provide. Even follow up emails can be sent automatically.

3. Embedded Reviews and Ratings
For years together, surveys in emails have been there. Embedded requests for reviews and feedbacks are a step ahead. These are personalized emails blended with interactive email. This is one of the most reliable ways to get the feedback about products and services. Also you can pump in more information from new subscribers.

4. Send “Text to join”
Text to join is a widespread means to add people to your email list by texting them. This is how it works. You can ask a prospective subscriber to text you “sign up” to any five digit number, e.g. 12121. The system then sends a reply message asking for the person’s email address and later sends a confirmation email. This service is generally free.

5. Payment via Email
This has been around for some time now but it is evolving at a faster rate. The ability to let people complete an order through an email has a lot of potential to explore. It can mean millions for retailers.

Google has added this feature to send money via email. The icon can be found next to the attachment icon. This is one approach to add commerce to emails.

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