10 Reasons Why Your Marketing Data Isn’t Effective

10 Reasons Why Your Marketing Data Isn’t Effective

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Is your marketing effort failing consistently? Are you not able to convert your leads into customers? If yes, then it is time to check your marketing data and revamp it. You need to verify if your marketing data abides to the following points:

1. Is your marketing data complete
Incomplete leads waste your time. The time that you spent finding details should be spent on marketing and sales.

2. Check for errors
If the marketing data list has errors, your staff will waste its time rectifying it instead of doing other marketing activities.

3. Correct the address format
Chances are your marketing data has incorrectly formatted address. While sending direct mails, the address should be formatted correctly to ensure timely delivery. If your address format is wrong, your mail will never reach its destination.

4. Outdated data
Businesses are dynamic and so the data you possess is subject to change. If you fail to update your marketing data, it becomes unfit and irrelevant.

5. Illegal data
You need to check if your data list is updated with the list of customers who have registered with TPS/CTPS. If not you could be fined as it is illegal to use data of such customers who have already restricted unsolicited calls.

6. Poor targeted data
Marketing data should be properly segmented. Untargeted data doesn’t work and if it is not efficiently segmented to specific set of audience, your preparation gets wasted. Analyse your data list to identify the best targets.

7. Get new marketing data list
Do not use the same marketing list over and over. Your marketing data needs to be refreshed. Your sales team needs new audience to target and chances are if you use the same list the useful resources will start unsubscribing.

8. Buy quality data
Simply adding new data to the existing ones won’t help. The key to successfully expand your database is by ensuring that you buy quality leads. If you do not check the database, you might end up with poor quality data which is full of errors.

9. Lack of resources
Keeping marketing data updated requires time and efforts. You need to allocate resources who can keep a tab on the data list and upgrade it from time to time.

10. Make the campaigns cost effective
If you do not follow the norms of marketing data, your campaign will never be successful. So take some efforts and revamp your old data and refresh your strategies. Intelligently exploit and identify all potential leads to make the campaign cost effective.

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